Each One Teach Each one 25 March 2018


Each One Teach One’ the motto of Reviving India being practiced by our talented Club members Aniket Gupta and Anshul Gupta. They successfully delivered session on ‘Arduino and Bluetooth Aniket Gupta from ABES Engineering College: Arduino Anshul Gupta from MIET, Meerut: Bluetooth They showcased the perfect example of implementing our club goal to share the knowledge among peers first. add 5 line this content.
Aniket and Anshul exemplified the essence of “Each One Teach One” by sharing their expertise with fellow members. Their collaborative session on Arduino and Bluetooth not only showcased their individual skills but also fostered a culture of learning within the club. Through their engaging presentation, they demonstrated the power of knowledge exchange in propelling collective growth. This initiative not only enriched the understanding of technology but also strengthened the bonds of camaraderie among the club members. Their dedication to Reviving India’s motto highlights their commitment to empowering the community through education and collaboration.