The culmination of the workshop at DPGITM College, Gurgaon, was marked by Reviving India’s ‘Idea Recognition campaign’, a platform for students to showcase their innovative project ideas. The enthusiasm and creativity displayed by the students were truly commendable.

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the campaign, who have been awarded the prestigious ‘Reviving India Voucher’ worth Rs. 1000 each. Congratulations to Swapnil Saxena, Priya Nauriyal & Team, and Abhay Rajput for their outstanding ideas! We extend our best wishes to them and eagerly anticipate collaborating to turn their visions into reality.

Swapnil Saxena’s initiative to create a website for cancer awareness, Priya Nauriyal & Team’s innovative ID scanner and attendance capturing system, and Abhay Rajput’s online learning platform exemplify the spirit of innovation and problem-solving among today’s youth.

The Python seminar cum workshop conducted for the BTech 3rd-year students was a resounding success. The high level of engagement and eagerness to learn demonstrated by the students was truly inspiring. At Reviving India, our mission is to ignite the potential of students and equip them with the digital skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic industry landscape.

Through initiatives like these, we aim to cultivate a culture of innovation and excellence among future engineers, ensuring they stay abreast of industry trends and developments. Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories as we continue our journey of empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators.