Machine Learning(ML) is the new trend that the whole Technology Industry is revolving around. ML is a part of Artificial Intelligence(AI) which is yet another booming technology flourishing with fast pace. Why is there so much noise about ML? What does it offer that makes ML the go-to need of all the big shot companies? Let us get a walk through of Machine Learning and understand its usage and scope in the world.

As the name signifies, Machine learning is the process to make the machine/computer/system to learn and give the expected results without actually programming it to do so. So instead of giving explicit instructions to the system, it makes use of the continuous data which is fed into it and builds a algorithm or mathematical model based on this input data. This algorithm or model created helps the machine to predict the output or take a decision. Hence, it can be said that ML largely consists of data analysis where the goal is to enable the system to identify the pattern of input data and take decisions without any human governance or involvement.

So how did you think those autonomous cars were running without any drivers? Or how you keep getting the advertisements in Facebook of the similar product you were looking for in an e-commerce application some time back. How do they know what you want to buy or are interested in? These are just a few of the many applications of ML.

Companies working in whichever field, all want to make their business intelligent thus they are ready to spend fortune on this technology. A very recent example is of the immensely popular ‘Netflix’ which has announced to reward any individual who can make its recommendation program more accurate by 10% or more with a whooping prize of 1 million dollars. Thus, its increasing big pool of job opportunities of ML specialist engineers and analysts.

If you like playing with data, then learning Machine Learning can get you places. Its a perfect time to enter the professional world of Machine learning as companies have no dearth of money to spend and not many people are skilled enough to do the job.

There are over 20,000 jobs for Machine Learning engineers in India. The one who gauges the opportunity will win the game. So, start now!!!! You can also contact Reviving India if you want to pursue Machine Learning or learn more about it.

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