Environment Development

Softwares required for AVR

  • Atmel AVR studio
  • AVR Burner
  • WinAvr
  • USB to serial Driver
  • PL2302_Driver
  • USB Drivers
  • X-CTU

Getting up with Programming

  • Install winAVR and AVR studio.
  • Click on the AVR studio icon. If not able to find, go to ‘All programs’ in startup menu. Navigate to ‘AVR Tools’, then AVR Studio.
  • Follow below steps as shown with the help of snapshots:

First Code on AVR Studio

  • “avr/io.h” is the header file used to include all the AVR input/output commands.
  • “util/delay.h” is the header file used for the delay function and is optional.
  • “main()” function with data type as int.  It is required to return a value to this, hence before ending the program,  one must include the instruction “return 0;”

Sample Program



                        int main()

                        {           DDRA=0b00000001;


                        {           PORTA=0b00000001;


                        return 0;



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