Reviving India was established in the year 2013 (called as ‘Rock In Robos’ then), it expanded into fields other than Embedded systems and was formalized as Reviving India in 2016. It is a youth Club formed for the benefit and upliftment of students who want to learn and utilize their talent for their own good and recognition.

Reviving India aspires to spread its principal of ‘Think what you Do & Do what you think’ among all and serve the youth. Reviving India rigorously attempts to create an open and unbiased platform for the students where they can freely give their Ideas, brainstorm those Ideas, experience power of open discussion, get guidance from experts coming from round the globe, get full opportunity to implement/develop, face and learn from real-time challenges, achieve the aspiration with which they had begun.  


Each One Teach One

Reviving India advocates “Each One Teach One”. This signifies that if every student teaches or shares his/her knowledge with others; it will make everyone technically sound in all the fields possible & thus become perfectly fit for the industry.


Hands on Practice

Reviving India promotes the concept of “Hands-On Practice” i.e. every individual practices on his/her own, students in electronics field need realistic, hands-on experience to master practical skills. For this, RevIn provides every participant with the required resource or equipment in its workshop sessions.