RevivingIndia is a youth Club formed for the benefit and upliftment of students who want to learn and utilize their talent for their own good and recognition. RevivingIndia aspires to spread its principal of ‘Think what you Do & Do what you think’ among all and serve the youth.RevivingIndia rigorously attempts to create an open and unbiased platform for the students where they can freely give their Ideas, brainstorm those Ideas, experience power of open discussion, get guidance from experts coming from round the globe, get full opportunity to implement/develop, face and learn from real-time challenges, achieve the aspiration with which they had begun.

Reviving India also helps those with no prior knowledge by giving them a fresh start and push them to learn in a dynamic environment where they can work and learn simultaneously. Nothing is stagnant in RevivingIndia, it’s all about changing the old blocked pipes of the education system of the country that superficially are producing the graduated minds but under the layer it’s also degrading and suppressing the freedom to think out of bounds and innovate. Innovation is not just the right of the experienced or a big technology giant, also any smallest and simplest of improvisation of existing system is counted in Innovation. We just ought to give respect and recognition for the effort and drive them in the right direction.

Also, when we say about the education system no doubt that our IITs, NITs and other reputed universities provide best in class education services but what about other institutions. Are all of them giving the same amount of privilege and platform to the students, answer cannot be positive and this is not their fault alone. All this can’t be treated in one day with a swing. A lot of restructuring is required from all ends. RevivingIndia is just a small atom in this big network trying to lend support to the youngsters. But, it cannot make any difference until unless students themselves choose to be the beneficiaries and refuse to become the slave of the system.